Double rail with cord

  • Product Code: Sina perdea
  • 85.00 Lei

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    Double rail with cord is used to move the curtains. The rail has a professional system equipped with special cords to stretch out the curtain. It can be mounted both on the wall and the ceiling. The system is imported from Italy.

Free measurement and installation!

Measurement and installation are free only for orders of a full product of at least 300 Lei.

Orders below 300 Lei are charged as follows:

- 30 Lei / appointment  (both the measurement and the installation are considered to be different appointments) in Cluj-Napoca.

- 50 Lei / appointment in the neighboring areas (Floresti, Gilau, Apahida, Popesti, Chinteni, etc.).

If no orders are made, the cost of travel is charged to the customer.

Other details curtain rail
Composition: aluminum
Minimum payable size: 1 liniar meter
The product contains: aluminum rail at dimensions, hooks for the curtains, clips for ceil mounting
Dimensions: maximum length 600 cm
Product status: is made on order
Guarantee: 6 years
Delivery time/installation: 5-7 working days