Cookies Policy

    The Cookie Policy refers to cookies and similar technologies used on websites operated by S.C. Lexundros Design S.R.L. with the headquarters at 62, Patriciu Barbu, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, registered with the Trade Registry under no. J12 / 88/2008, CUI RO18056861.

    We comply with the legal provisions on the protection of personal data set out in EU Regulation no. 679/2016 and implement technical and organizational measures to protect all operations that concern directly or indirectly personal data that prevent unauthorized or illegal processing, as well as accidental or unlawful loss or destruction.

     This policy is complemented with privacy policy  privacy policy regarding the personal data protection that includes the type of data collected, the purpose of collecting, your rights and other data regarding the Data Protection Officer and the Surveillance Authority.

What are cookies?

    The cookie is a special text, often encoded, sent by a web browser server and then sent back (unmodified) by the browser, each time it accesses that server. These are just texts, they can not perform any action.

Using cookies

    Cookies are used by web servers to differentiate users and respond to their actions in a session consisting of several separate transactions as well as processing your IP. They help generate a friendly browsing experience and tailor the preferences and interests of each user.
     We also use the services of the other third parties to provide functionality, statistics, marketing, market research, tracking and monitoring:

Google Analytics
Category: Analyzed 
Purpose: Web analytics
Duration: 50 months

Google Ads
Category: Advertising 
Purpose: Re-marketing
Duration: 50 months
Policies: ,

Category: Advertising
Purpose: Re-marketing
Duration: 28 days

Category: Needed
Purpose: functioning website
Duration: work session

Used cookies:
    currency     RON     - to keep the product currency between the pages of the website;
    language     en-ro     - to set the operating language of the website
    OCSESSID     16f4cc975347fc7c7b1585... - platform operation

Personal Data Details

    Cookies themselves do not require personal information to be used and, in many cases, do not personally identify internet users. However, there are situations when personal data can be collected by using cookies to facilitate certain user features or to give the user an experience more suited to his or her preferences. Such data is encrypted in a way that does not allow unauthorized people to access them.

Security and confidentiality

    Usually, the browsers have built-in confidentiality settings that provide different levels of cookie acceptance, shelf life, and automatic deletion after the user has visited a particular website
    Most modern browsers accept cookies; they will allow you to decide if you use them or not.

The most used:

(1) there are not used cookies;

(2) the browser requests the user's permission for each cookie;

(3) all cookies are accepted.

    You can customize settings regarding cookies to reflect your level of comfort and security.

Additional useful links and information

If you would like to learn more about cookies and what they are used for, we recommend you to access the following links: