Delivery Information

Delivery Information

Measurement and installation are free only for orders of a full product of at least 300 RON. Installation is available only in Cluj-Napoca.

Orders below 300 RON are charged as follows:

- 30 RON / appointment  (both the measurement and the installation are considered to be different appointments) in Cluj-Napoca.

- 50 RON / appointment in the neighboring areas (Floresti, Gilau, Apahida, Popesti, Chinteni, etc.).

If no orders are made, the cost of travel is charged to the customer. 

The deliveries in Cluj-Napoca are done by Lexundros-Design's team.

The deliveries in the country are done by deliveries companies (Nemo Express and Fan Courier Express). The total cost of the delivery will be charged to the customer.

Delivery time for accessories and components: 5 working days.

Delivery time for full customized product: 7-10 working days..

The delay in delivering an order resulting from third-party services does not fall under the responsibility of Lexundros Design.