A drop of light in your house

A drop of light in your house....

No matter how you decide to decorate your house, any color you will choose, the white color with floral patter creates an uncountable shinny effect.

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A drop of color in your house

A drop of color in your house....

Each room is unique designed because each of us leave our fingerprints on the design being a form of expressing ourselves. The roller blinds with patterns

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Office solutions

Office solutions....

Nowadays, the office represent a place where we spend a significant part of everyday. The comfort here is necessary, the up sized windows offer the sensation

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Plisse blinds

Plisse blinds....

The plisse blinds represent revolutionary products through the variety of shading systems. The multiplicity of advantages draw attention of our clients

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Atypical rollers

Atypical rollers....

Do you have windows with atypical shapes? There is no reason to worry about. Our company can help you with providing atypical rollers. Thus this type

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Roller blind systems with cassette

Roller blind systems with cassette....

The improved system with cassette represents a major advantage for roller blinds. Being protected on two sides, the superior side and the lateral one,

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Rollers for living rooms

Rollers for living rooms....

We all dream at a spacious living room with big windows and a beautiful natural landscape that we can admire. This type of panoramic view offer a

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Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds....

The horizontal blinds or the Venetian blinds represent a luxurious and long used product in homes and offices. They fit in any type of design,

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Blackout roller blinds

Blackout roller blinds....

The blackout roller blinds have an important role in our lives. We like to use them especially in the bedrooms because they assure us the comfort for o

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Folded day and night roller blinds

Folded day and night roller blinds....

The day and night roller blinds are well known through the shading systems. An exceptional fabric is the one that presents folds on the opaque strips.

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Pleated blind

Pleated blind....

A living room is never as beautiful as it is when the daylight come through. The diffuse light offered by the pleated blinds creates a pleasant ambiance.The

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Spring roller blinds

Spring roller blinds....

Spring roller blinds represent a classic system that it has not requested on the market for a while. Now, the trend is back and this system of blinds is

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Privacy and comfort

Privacy and comfort....

The rollers blinds or vertical and horizontal blinds offer us a maximum of privacy and comfort in our home. Depending the chosen color, we can create a

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Personalized products

Personalized products....

What can be nicer than customizing a product? The blinds represent a product where you can leave your personal touch on the color, appearance and shape.

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Attic roller blinds

Attic roller blinds....

The attic roller blinds represent an essential product if the window is orientated on sun direction. The inclined position of the attic window maximize

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Day and night roller blinds

Day and night roller blinds....

Day and night roller blinds do not stop to amaze us. This trend is in a continuous update with a large variety of patterns, textures, folds or opaque fabrics. Day

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Vertical blinds - Economical and practical solution

Vertical blinds - Economical and practical solutio....

The vertical blinds represent an economical and practical solution for each basic type of window. Thus, they are old fashioned, you still can find them

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How to choose the color for vertical blinds

How to choose the color for vertical blinds....

Choosing the color for a product seems the simplest part, but often we get confused doing it. Matching the colors for an harmonious design is not that

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