Personalized vertical blinds

  • Product Code: Produse personalizate
  • 150.00 Lei

How we measure ? For half measures you put a point before "." ex: 35.5

    The personalized vertical blinds are the perfect choice for any room. The basic fabric is white. With back light, the printed pattern it looks well and good shaped. For any order, you have to take into consideration the dimension of the vertical blinds, it has to be similar with the picture resolution, otherwise there will be necessary further modifications. The recommended resolution of the image should be directly proportional with the size of vertical blind (e.g. 200 cm x 150 cm size of the blind, the resolution of the image should be at least 2000 x 1500 pixels. For a high quality print pattern, the resolution of the image should be as high as possible.

Free measurement and installation!

Measurement and installation are free only for orders of a full product of at least 300 Lei.

Orders below 300 Lei are charged as follows:

- 30 Lei / appointment  (both the measurement and the installation are considered to be different appointments) in Cluj-Napoca.

- 50 Lei / appointment in the neighboring areas (Floresti, Gilau, Apahida, Popesti, Chinteni, etc.).

If no orders are made, the cost of travel is charged to the customer.