Lex 1 blackout

  • Product Code: Rolete simple
  • 130.00 Lei

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    Lex 1 blackout is an opaque and rubberized two-sided fabric. One side has an unique and elegant texture and the other has a rubberized layer. The fabric is much thicker than the others. It has isolating proprieties for windows with high thermal loss and it prevents the daylight. On large dimensions, like any material, it can make some folds. It is ideal for use in bedrooms or in any rooms where no light is desired.

Free measurement and installation!

Measurement and installation are free only for orders of a full product of at least 300 Lei.

Orders below 300 Lei are charged as follows:

- 30 Lei / appointment  (both the measurement and the installation are considered to be different appointments) in Cluj-Napoca.

- 50 Lei / appointment in the neighboring areas (Floresti, Gilau, Apahida, Popesti, Chinteni, etc.).

If no orders are made, the cost of travel is charged to the customer.

Technical details for roller blinds
Thickness: 0.5 mm
Weight: 300 gr/mp
Composition: 100% PES
Treatment: antistatic
It has two sides: yes
Blackout: yes
Translucent: no
Moisture shrinkage: ≥ 0.5 %
Solar resistance: ≥ 4
Cleaning maintenance: easy suction with the vacuum cleaner, dedusting, cleaning with a wet cloth
Width of the fabric: 200 cm
Minimum payable size: 0.8 m²
Guarantee: 2 years
Delivery time/installation: 5-7 working days